Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Textiles from Vera Neumann.

If you've ever wandered through a vintage store, you've probably encountered some brightly colored scarves with the name Vera scrawled in the corner accompanied by a ladybug. The scarves are probably the signature element of the body of work of Vera Neumann (1910-1993), an influential and prolific mid-century artist and designer. I've known about Vera scarves for awhile but only recently discovered the rest of her creations, including fabric, wallpaper, table and bed linens, apparel, and dishware. This Vera sounds like a few other Veras (Vera Wang and Vera Bradley) we know, right? Here are some of her fabulous designs, most of which are available on etsy and ebay.

Above at top: circle of pink tiles tablecloth, buy it now for $45 from ebay store Vickie Jean's Things. Below that is a round tablecloth for $25 from etsy seller fuzzymama.

L to R: pair of linen tea towels, currently $25 from ebay seller somewhereintime2; sunflower tea towel, currently $7 from ebay seller ccc0336.

L to R: pair of yellow rose tea towels, currently $10 from ccc0366; yellow ranunculus tablecloth, buy it now for $30 from Vickie Jean's Things.

The remaining items are not for sale, but I wanted to show you my favorite Vera pattern yet! Pillowcases from flickr user jillbliss; towel from skinnylaminx's photostream. For more cool Vera Neumann patterns, check out the Vera Neumann flickr group here.


Jean&Dylan said...

I love vera's prints, I haven't been lucky enough to find it on my own. :(
but now with your links, i'm totally gonna get myself those lovely pink and green overlapping circles ones!! they're great!
Great blog by the way. and i noticed that you put L&G on the list of vintage shops! thanks!!
I also responded to your Nani Iro fabric question...
keep up the good work!! Cheers!

Fred Salaff said...

Just wanted to let you know that I produced 2 films about my aunt, Vera Neumann in the 1970's.

Both of these are available at

1: "Vera Paints Ibiza in the Sun"
2: "In the Company of Vera"

Fred Salaff

mermer said...

thank you Mr. Salaff. that must've been fantastic growing up with Vera Neumann as your aunt. what fun adventures you must've had. thanks for sharing. :)