Friday, July 11, 2008

Flotsam Friday: Salt and pepper shakers.

Sorry this comes so late in the day, things have been busy around here!! My friend's mother collects salt and pepper shakers. As for myself, I don't even use regular salt and pepper shakers, I just buy the disposable kind from the grocery store. My favorite here is the one smack dab in the middle - it even has a grinder!

Top row (L to R):
  1. 5 piece set incl shakers, $13.25 from Goodlookin' Vintage Wares
  2. melamine plastic set, $8 from Bliss Vintage
  3. milk glass set (Sunset pattern by Dithridge), $40 from Designs by Cleo
Middle row (L to R):
  1. red toile/transferware set, $25 from Vicious Vintage
  2. Lenox set incl pepper grinder, $24 from Charmings Collectibles
  3. stainless steel set (by Reed & Barton), $31.25 from Berd and Bee
Bottom row (L to R):
  1. wood set, $22 from the modern hunter
  2. red plastic set, $7 from Sirkus Vintage
  3. ceramic set, $7 from Bald Man Mod
Promise me that you'll shake what your mama gave you at least once this weekend - it'll bring a smile to your face, and to everyone who's watching! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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H is for Home said...

Nice collection! Have a look at some we photographed a while back...
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