Thursday, July 3, 2008

Skirts from sheets by Seam Sew Swell.

So I normally do housewares, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write up Seam Sew Swell, a delightful online shop run by the intrepid and wise beyond her 21 years (21!!!) Victoria Martin. Victoria sells vintage apparel, accessories, and jewelry, as well as clothing and pillows made by her very own talented self. This girl is amazing!
Here are six sweet skirts (available here for $16-22) she's refashioned from thrifted recycled sheets and fabric. If you're just the teeniest bit crafty yourself, take a clue from the precocious Victoria - skip the fabric store and head to your nearest thrift shop. With any luck, you just might encounter adorable vintage textiles like these! If you'd rather peruse online, etsy seller Retro Age offers a great selection of vintage fabrics here.


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casey said...

cute skirts.

Ash1314 said...

these are adorable..great idea..! Sheets are very easy to find at thrift shops and a lot of them have very unique and retro prints (perfect for making tops ad skirts!)