Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog overkill.

I have a serious case of blog overkill. I get sort of demoralized when I open Google Reader and am confronted with 87 unread items that have accumulated since I last checked Friday afternoon. Is it sad that one of my favorite things about the weekend is not having to face the endless onslaught of fake-cheery blog posts, innumerable galleries of Stepford-perfect homes, the latest eco-chic designs, and magazine worthy vacation pictures? That the prospect of the interminable Monday morning scrolldown makes me break out in hives? Of course, I've got to 'fess up to my own contributory negligence in the matter, but seriously, either I have to be more selective about my subscriptions, or I will go certifiably insane.


eM said...

if I haven;t read something in a week, I cancel my link - sometimes I re-add it later on
but I think I only have a dozen!

mary said...

I need to comment. I am SO with you on this.

I subscribe to 225 blogs, partly due to a side website gig I'm a part of, but also because, well, they ARE enjoyable to read...WHEN I have time! But with over 750 unread items this morning (yep, for real) who has the time?! I have a full-time job, a life...yikes. It's becoming more of a stress than something enjoyable.

So, I'm definitely on a mission to de-clutter my reader. Which is going to be difficult...but it's a must-do!