Friday, June 27, 2008

Flotsam Friday: Flowers!

I just made myself a dress with some floral fabric I bought last year, when florals were actually big. I'll post a pic when I take a flattering one. In the meantime, here are some floral patterned housewares for your flower-happy Friday!

Top row (L to R):
  1. 4 mugs and metal stand, $18 from etsy seller 2pear
  2. tin canister, $18 from Ladies & Gentlemen
  3. 4 coffee cups, $18 from thirteen leaf clover
Middle row (L to R):
  1. 3 coffee cups, $8 from Jen's Closet
  2. crochet doily, $12.99 from What Would Marilyn Wear
  3. Better Homes & Gardens New Garden Book, $19.50 from Surrender Dorothy
Bottom row (L to R):
  1. creamer and sugar set, $28 from Fab Pad
  2. 4 stoneware mugs, $22 from Molly Moo Vintage
  3. Noritake sugar bowl with lid, $12 from Simple Vintage

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