Monday, June 30, 2008

Spotted: porcelain glove mold.

Joe and I had brunch on Saturday at the cutest restaurant in Emory Village called Rise 'N Dine, and I couldn't help but notice the cheerful vintage decor, especially the vases and that porcelain glove mold (used for making rubber gloves!). Here in Atlanta, I think I've seen those vases at Providence Antiques in Virginia-Highland, and I'm guessing that porcelain glove mold comes from Decatur's Victory Vintage ($30). If you're not in Atlanta, you can also find a few molds at blue bell bazaar's etsy shop ($28). By the way, Rise 'N Dine's sweet potato pancakes are simply top-notch! Check out my other pictures of Rise 'N Dine here (sorry, I scarfed down my yummy pancakes before realizing I'd left my camera in the car!).


becky from hatch said...

Hi! I saw a ton of oversized glove molds in Chamblee the other day, definitely at the antique factory.

I'll have to check this place out - I've never been there!

Misti jo said...

I've seen the rubber glove molds used as a towel holder- I thought that was a fantastic idea.

Anonymous said...

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