Friday, July 18, 2008

Flotsam Friday: Soup tureens and casseroles.

My church small group is having a potluck tonight. I remember the potlucks from when I was kid circa 1986, when tables would groan under the weight of a hodge-podge rainbow coalition of chow mein, buckets of KFC, fried rice, pizza, pot stickers, spaghetti, potato salad, cabbage and chinese sausage, chicken divan, and green bean casserole, and dessert was almond tofu, fluorescent jello, almond cookies, a package of Oreos, and fudge brownies. (I'm Chinese-American, which explains some of the more unorthodox dishes.) When everyone wore Velcro shoes and too-short shorts, all the children sported bowl cuts, and mom had wings in her hair. I'm pretty sure no one brought their nicest dishes, but if I were to throw a potluck party now, I'd use these.

Top row (L to R):
  1. porcelain soup tureen, Olivia pattern by Hutschenreuther, currently $15 on ebay
  2. Limoges soup tureen/covered casserole, currently $15.50 on ebay
  3. covered serving bowl, $65 from etsy seller Emily Lynch Vintage
Middle row (L to R):
  1. soup tureen, $95 from Emily Lynch Vintage
  2. tureen with no lid, $10 from 2pear
  3. covered soup tureen, 16.50 from Jen's Closet
Bottom row (L to R):
  1. Taylor Smith serving dish, currently $20.50 on ebay
  2. Descoware casserole, currently $15 on ebay
  3. soup tureen, Capistrano pattern by Red Wing, currently $25 on ebay

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