Monday, July 21, 2008

Found: framed doily.

I picked up this framed doily for 2 dollars at My Favorite Place in Chamblee this weekend. I've had doilies and lace on the brain for a long time (I was married in a lace dress 2 years ago), and I was also inspired by the framed doilies in Holly Waterfield's office at her West Village boutique Camp (see below, as featured in the Spring 2007 issue of the now-defunct Blueprint magazine). Anyway, I probably won't assemble a collection of them (too kitschy!), but lace and doilies are still lovely in small doses. Here are several of my picks for today (all from etsy).

Lace cocktail napkins ($15 for a set of six from Historically Inspired Designs Vintage).

Lace tumblers (set of 8 for $40 from etsy shop Foo Foo Vintage).

A random assortment of 20 stamps, including lacemaking stamps from the USA that were issued in 1986 ($3.50 from Missgaylee). Check out a full sheet here (available on ebay for $5).

Lace glass plate ($5 from The Seasonal Cottage).

Doily cards ($6 for a set of 4 with envelopes from Beau Ideal).

Coral Gables doily notecards ($12 for a set of 6 with envelopes from Beau Ideal).

And do check out Holly Becker's comprehensive compendium of doily love here.

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Cathy said...

Thanks so much for featuring my napkins! I love the concept of your blog and look forward to reading future entries!

Catherine Dean
Historically Inspired Vintage